Create your character and fight your way through procedurally generated dungeons. Find loot, level up and unlock skills to overcome the lurking dangers.

AMIDC is a moderately interesting roguelike with dungeon crawling elements.

Create your character by choosing your race and class and fight your way through procedurally generated dungeons.
Find loot, level up and unlock skills to overcome adversities in this tactical, turn-based, roguelike game.

Every race and every class brings something different to the table and together they make every combination unique.

After starting your run with your shiny new character, you'll be able to further personalize your run by unlocking skills out of the free-form skill tree and by choosing which of the equipment you find to use and which to sell.

The game is completely playable with only a mouse. You can click on buttons and on tiles in combat to navigate the game and play.

The game also has keyboard shortcuts, in battle you can use WASD to move and attack.

We recommend to play the game in fullscreen on a PC for the optimal experience.

We are a team of Game Design students of Uppsala University campus Gotland, we made this game as our final project of the 2nd year. The game was showcased at GGC in 2022.

You can contact all of the team either on our email or on our twitter



The game is still unfinished, this is just a showcase version.
Most features of the game are in but it still lacks in content and replayability.

We plan to continue development on the game and make it into a fully-fledged version by adding all the features missing from this showcase.

The Overworld
Allowing players to go from dungeon to dungeon and visit towns to buy and sell equipment

New Content
New Races, new classes and tons of equipment are going to be added

Final Boss
Every good run of a roguelike needs a proper end

James Young-Rogers
Product Owner, Lead Graphics

Jungbin Sir

Jayden Söderholm

Mario Palleschi

Henrik Nilsson

Gabriel Axelsson
Project Manager

Mattias Axelsson
QA, Level Design, Audio Design

Lukas Markström

Giovanni Palleschi


AMIDC_exe 38 MB

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