Take part in the ancient myth of the Minotaur, with a twist - instead of slaying the beast, you are protecting it.

Time is of the essence. Swiftly plan your actions during flowing turns dictated by an in-game timer that regulates the movement of the enemies and the activation of your traps.

A tower defense game where everything is laid out on the board for you to use. Cunningly move the traps on the grid to make sure that they eliminate the heroes when they activate.

How to play

Only a mouse is needed to control the labyrinth. Left-click on a trap to select it and then left-click again on another tile to move it to the chosen position.

Timing is essential in Daidala. The enemies and the traps are under the control of the timer, displayed on your cursor.

Lastly, keep close attention on the enemies, they all possess special abilities that help them traverse the maze.

Make sure to consult our handy guide if you need a refresher!



Mario Palleschi
Lead Designer, Programmer, Post-Processing
Sergei Grigorev
Lead Programmer, Designer
Christos Mandilas
Narrative, Voice Acting, Designer, Artist
Efrem Torrisi
Artist, VFX Artist, Character Animator, Designer
Sofia Rautiainen
Lead Artist, Designer
Isac Rosenberg
Project Manager, SFX Artist, Designer
Isak Larsson
Designer, QA, Level Designer
Lefteris Mandilas
Giovanni Palleschi



Daidala_Windows.zip 52 MB


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I'm still playing this after GGC... I wanna beat the game.... I noticed a bug, if the walljumper ends up in this position she attacks the minotaur through the wall and becomes unkillable. The only way to proceed is to restart the game. 

Hey Aydin! We are glad to see you liked the game enough to come back to it :D 
Thanks for letting us know about the bug, too!


this was so fun! i love the twist on typical tower defense games; no purchases/upgrades, just strategizing with the turn-based mechanics. also love the voice acting, music, art, and the story! truly amazing stuff here :D


V fun puzzle game, I like the narrative and overall theme c: